Tekken 7 - Showdown series

Registration closed

75 BD

11th of July 2021



Tournament Info

  1. General Information:

– Standard Tournament Rules.

– Game Version: Steam (PC).

– Offline.

  1. Round Format:

  2. Round 1: Group Stage (Round Robin).

– Match format will be Best of 3.

– 16 players.

– 4 groups of 4 players (Randomly assigned, no initial seeding).

– Top 2 from each respected group advance to top 8.

  1. Round 2: Top 8 (Double Elimination)

– Players placing first in the groups advance to top 8 winners’ side.

– Players placing second in the groups advance to top 8 losers’ side.

– Match format will be Best of 3, excluding Losers’ final, Winners’ final and Grand final which will all be best of 5.

*As to take safety precautions, only the participants scheduled to participate on a given day are to attend the venue, otherwise you are welcome to watch the matches on Respawn’s twitch channel (twitch.tv/respawnbh). All matches will be streamed.

*By proceeding, you hereby confirm that you have received the green shield provided by the BeAware mobile application.