Hazard Zone – S2 Episode 13

The group is back to talk about gaming new, including battlefield’s newly announced hazard zone, video games movies (Resident evil reboot and Mario movie cast) and more.

E-spoooorts – S2 Episode 12 ft. Asstronomist

They boys are back talking about more esports

Xbox Fans? -S2 Episode 11

Game Movies – S2 Episode 10

The spawn point squad is back talking about games, games movies and more.

Game Changes – S2 Episode 9

Mims, Yoyooz, Allawi and Hamoodz are talking about some of the game changes that are being announced for some games.

Blizzcon – S2 Episode 8 ft. Asstronomist

The boys are back on the podcast and in this episode they talk about some of Rainbow 6 changes, blizzcon and more.

Ongoing Games – S2 Episode 7 ft. Asstronomist

in this episode of the podcast we are joined by Asstro to talk about the the games that ongoing development and how they fair.

DELAYS! – S2 Episode 6

We talk in this episode of the spawn point podcast about game delays and how do each one of us feel about it.

Early access – S2 Epsiode 5 ft. Creature

The team are back with Creature on this episode to talk about gaming and early access in this episode.