What is your PC Specs?
The Elite PCs are equipped with an Intel Core i7-7800, Zotac Gaming RTX 2070 8GB, MSI Curved 24” 144Hz Monitors, Alongside with HyperX Mechanical Keyboards. The Standard PCs are equipped with an Intel Core i7-7700, Zotac GTX 1080 8GB, BenQ Zowie 24” 144Hz Monitors, Alongside with Cooler Master Semi-Mech Keyboards.
Will the hours expire when I logout?
No! The hour package that you purchase has a 1-year validity, so you can login at anytime and continue gaming with the hours!
How safe is your place? (Accounts Security)
Our Café Management software securely logs out from any account you’re logged in with after you are done with your sessions and it’s protected from any kind of malware or viruses.
What games is available?
There are many games available at our Center, please visit The Homepage for more info.
Do you provide a PSN account?
Unfortunately, no but we do provide a high-speed Fiber Optic Connection to enjoy playing your games with your account!
How can I book in your shop?
You can call us on 17422417 to arrange for any future booking!
Can I keep my personal stuff at the shop?
Unfortunately, no we are not responsible for any lost items in the shop, but you can get one of our membership packages and enjoy a personal Locker!
How can I join Respawn Community?
You can join our community by simply playing video games with our guys, we always welcome new people to our community!
What is your Internet Speed?
Our internet speed is 500Mbp/s Fiber Optic connection provided by Batelco
Can I get Respawn Products?
Yes, Follow our Instagram for more details/news!
What is the age group of the community?
We have no age limit, we believe that everyone can play video games, Young or Old!
Do you organize any tournaments at the shop?
Yes, we do! You can check the Events page or follow us on our social media account for more info!
Do you have special offers?
Yes, we do! To catch up any of the latest offers we provide, follow us on our social media!
what is your Rate on the devices?
Please refer to the Pricing Page to check out our Rates!
Am I a noob?
Can I bring my friends to play with?
Of Course! You can bring as much friends as you want and enjoy playing on our devices.
Can I side bet on a game of Billiards?
No, we forbid any kind of gambling at the shop.
Can I challenge one of the Game Masters?
Are you sure you wanna do that?
Do you screen E-Sports Tournaments?
Absolutely! We always screen E-Sports tournaments specially League of Legends, Counter-Strike Global Offensive, Dota 2, or PUBG.
Can I host my own tournament?
Yes! Please Contact us for farther info.
Can I Request games on the PC to play with?
Yes, Please refer to Game Request form in our homepage !
Can I use my own equipments?
Yes! We know how difficult it is to get used to a new Keyboard/Mouse, so you can hook your gear up and start gaming!
Do you have old LAN Games?
Yes, we do! We love LAN games, if you have a game that you want to play it with your friends, let us hook you up!
Do you serve Snacks or drinks?
Yes! We have a variety of snacks to serve.
Can I smoke/Vape in the shop?
Unfortunately, no, we do have a place to smoke/vape outside of the shop.
Can you help me getting started at Gaming?
Sure! We love to see the people who are getting off their high horses and start gaming, so visit us and we will make sure you get started the right way!
Will you bring more equipment’s to the shop?
Yes, 100%! Our shop became a regular place to hang out at, that’s why it’s always full, but we promise to hook up the place with more equipment’s to make everyone happy!
What is Elite/Standard?
Elite & Standard are the PC sections we have at Respawn, The two sections are separated and have different PC Specifications.